Campsite RULES & Policies

Camp Law:

This is an official Scouting event – all rules, bylaws, policies, and procedures are in effect and will be enforced. Please respect the rules and the staff – it will make the weekend more enjoyable for everyone.


Please Bring:

  • A current personal health form for each member, kept on their person.
  • Your MyScouts/iMIS group list as printed form the Scouts Canada or Guides website.
  • An adviser or leader.
  • Food, shelter, clothing, etc. (water is available on-site).
  • There is an extra emphasis on decoration and costumes! We have prizes for groups who embody the camp’s theme. See the Schedule page for more details.
  • All adult members must behave in accordance with the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct at all times.


Leave Behind:

  • Generators
  • Illegal drugs / alcohol / marijuana — ZERO TOLERANCE, there will be NO warnings! (0.5% is still alcohol)
  • Fireworks / firecrackers / bear bangers / guns / bullhorns / megaphones / air-horns / etc. according to BP&P.
  • No power tools or air compressors except handheld drills/impact drivers for site setup purposes only.


Other Notes:

  • A fire permit must be obtained from HQ prior to lighting. More information will be given on Friday.
  • No fires in Byng’s recycling barrels! You will be charged the cost of a barrel if you have a fire in one.
  • There is no camping past the Molyneaux Creek Bridge (the second bridge). See the Campsite Map for more details.
  • The road is one-way! Do not drive back down the way you came in. Please drive safely and slowly.
  • Vehicles must remain on the main road, even for unpacking. You may not drive into the camping areas.