Party Schedule



Campsite Open 12:00  
Registration 14:00-21:30  
Moves 19:00  



Opening 10:00  
Registration Cont. 10:30  
Activities 10:16:30 (Schedule will be distributed at camp)
DJ 13:00-16:30 (All afternoon music requests)
Karaoke 18:00  
Award Show 19:15  
Dance 19:30  


Closing 08:30  


Campsite Decoration Contest:
To be determined!




Scavenger Hunt:
Points for each item… some are worth more than others! Creativity encouraged!

  • Pinata
  • Running makeup
  • Comfort food
  • Birthday Dinner
  • Birthday/Party Hat
  • Candles
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Balloon animal (bonus if you make it in front of us)
  • Ice cream
  • Singing Birthday Card
  • Goody bag
  • Eco-friendly confetti
  • River of tears
  • Johnny & Judy vinyl record (bonus point for Lesie Gore)
  • Johnny’s Ring
  • Pin the tail on the Donkey
  • Birthday present
  • Birthday cake
  • Clown
  • Magician
  • And of course, all the candy bribes!

We will be running the archery program at Camp Byng’s archery range! Sign up will be at HQ  on a first come, first served basis with a fee of $2 per person. Numbers are limited so be sure to sign up as early as possible.




Scouter Round Table




…and much more!